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7 Reasons to Opt for Private Scanning Services (Explained!)

7 Reasons to Opt for Private Scanning Services (Explained!)
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Access to modern diagnostic scanning technologies like MRI and CT greatly influences your healthcare management. When you have convenient and quick access to these tools, your medical team can deliver quality care better and high-resolution private MRI imaging services.

Unfortunately, arranging for health scans like MRI and CT can be challenging for many individuals. You usually need GP referrals, contend with frustrating scheduling, or settle for low-quality scans.

You can overcome these challenges by scheduling your scans with private scanning services.

Private companies also facilitate GP referrals in a more efficient way, and you get access to the best equipment, making them a better choice.  

But that’s not all. Scheduling your scans through private services has other advantages as well. Let’s see what they are and why going through private players is the way to go and get an idea of MRI scan availability and scheduling in private clinics.

1. Quick and efficient scheduling

Quick and efficient scheduling

If you have ever tried to schedule a scan through the NHS, you know how excruciatingly painful the process can be. The long wait, which can easily stretch over months or even years, means that you are losing time to begin your treatment.

Booking your private scans through scanning services has eliminated this universal problem for the most part. Service providers like GetScanned work with partner centres to streamline the scheduling process.

Whether you need a private MRI for routine health checkups or a second opinion scan, GetScanned is here to help you. You can easily schedule any scan at your preferred centre with us without needing a direct referral from your GP.

This efficiency is crucial for guidance diagnostic ultrasounds, procedures like MRI, CT scans, and private pregnancy scans, which are essential in diagnosing various medical conditions.

Choosing a private scanner significantly reduces the time between recognising a health issue and receiving a diagnosis.

The swiftness alleviates the stress and uncertainty of waiting and ensures that any necessary treatment can commence sooner.

Moreover, the streamlined process often means quicker processing of results, enabling a more efficient pathway to treatment plan.

2. State-of-the-art technology

State-of-the-art technology

Another factor that provides a very compelling argument in favour of private scanning services is advanced technology. Such centres prioritise acquiring the best high-resolution private MRI imaging services, and you get access to the most sophisticated diagnosing equipment in healthcare today.

High-resolution MRI or a private ultrasound scan ensures that your doctor has a much more detailed view of the inner workings of your body, giving your medical team a significant advantage.

You also have open MRI options in private facilities if you are claustrophobic or need to scan a smaller body part.

An MRI scan for specific medical conditions in private practice allows your healthcare providers to diagnose you accurately, improving the prognosis.

With private scanning, your reports are sent directly to you online or as downloadable copies. You can then share these reports with your doctor and start the treatment quickly by choosing the right private MRI provider.

Furthermore, the latest equipment ensures you are exposed to significantly less radiation and fewer ultrasound waves transmitted into your body, making the process much safer.

3. Personalised attention


It is different when you go for MRI or private ultrasound scans in such centres, thanks to the personal touch they add on. You are not just another appointment to them, you get more time to spend with the doctors and the technicians, especially when getting an early pregnancy scan.

It means they take the time to walk you through your scans, guiding you as to what they mean for your health and what possible treatment options are available.

It's not just getting an MRI, private pregnancy scan, or private ultrasound scan, but it really is about getting care that's individualised just for you.

You could talk to the medical team, ask for clarifications on any of your doubts, and get detailed explanations of what's happening and why things are the way they are.

That kind of attention can make a real difference during routine scans. It leads to more accurate diagnoses because they look at the whole picture, not just symptoms.

It can help you better understand your health, which can be reassuring. And, of course, it builds trust if it feels like your healthcare professionals understand and care about you.

With GetScanned, you'll receive a pre-scan consultation with a GP provided by us or our scanning partner. We will also assist you in finding out MRI scan availability and scheduling in private clinics near you.

When the GP issues the referral, we handle the final scheduling process, and you will receive a report from a highly qualified radiologist.

4. Convenience


Private scanning services ensure convenience above anything else. Being in a position to fix appointments at any time and place provides a greater degree of flexibility and access to affordable private MRI options near you.

Are you busy during the week and need a weekend appointment? No problem! MRI scan availability on weekends in private clinics means you can access the services when you have the time.

Most private centres understand that you are juggling various responsibilities and work with you to get what needs to be done.

Many private scanning services like GetScanned have partnerships with multiple providers, offering you a better chance to find a facility in your area.

The same convenience also transcends to the appointment booking process, which is often made extraordinarily streamlined and user-friendly.

The focus on convenience demonstrates a commitment to patient-centric care, where patients' needs and time constraints are paramount.

5. More comprehensive range of services

More comprehensive range of services

In many situations, if you are going through the NHS route of scheduling your scans, you might struggle to find many services under one roof. Private centres often provide many services in one place, making it much easier for the patients.

A patient can benefit from a wide range of scanning technologies such as MRI, CT scans, ultrasounds, and X-rays, all available in one location.

This convenience is a significant advantage in the UK healthcare context, where accessing multiple diagnostic services often involves navigating different locations and systems.

Combining these and other scanning services in one private facility makes diagnosis easier for patients. That means less travelling between different sites for the various scans and less administrative headaches.

6. Comfort and privacy

Comfort and privacy

Most private scanning facilities are more convenient as they are usually less crowded than public ones. Beyond the comfort that comes with an excellent physical environment that typically appears less clinical, it includes lower patient throughput, less crowding, and shorter waits.

This calm atmosphere can be essential for patients who might get nervous during their medical procedures.

Another significant aspect concerning these environments relates to privacy. Medical appointments are private and often address sensitive healthcare issues. 

So, private space in such centres ensures the confidentiality of each patient, as well as keeping their health information strictly confidential.

These facilities provide private waiting rooms, discreteness in services, and strict confidentiality when it comes to medical documentation.

Comfort and privacy are critical aspects, especially when dealing with patients who might feel susceptible and exposed after abnormal blood tests or private ultrasound scans. 

Private centres take measures to ensure they are protected and respected throughout their entire care experience.

7. Collaboration with specialists

Collaboration with specialists

Another noteworthy advantage of private scanning services is that they sometimes partner with experts. It significantly adds value to the patient’s overall medical care. Some services might have strong professional medical care networks that cover diverse areas of medicine.

Some private scanning service centres have an integrated system through which doctors who are specialists in different fields, such as oncologists, neurologists, or cardiologists, are able to relate effectively to a single patient’s condition.

Collaboration of this kind implies that a private scan that points to a condition needing specialist consultation is made right away. It speeds up the process, leading to specialised care for the patient, which reduces the duration from diagnosis to treatment.

If such a collaboration is unavailable, you can always send your reports directly to your GP for further evaluation. 

In addition, the ability to incorporate MRI or ultrasound scan data within the patient's overall healthcare plan is another advantage. 

The quick turnaround time for private MRI results enables your doctors to devise an appropriate plan for further actions immediately.

Such an approach helps to have organised control of the health of the patient. The patient’s health journey is considered one continuous episode rather than a series of isolated episodes of care.

For the patient, this translates to a better understanding of their health as they get their reports to their GPs faster for improved treatment.

Conclusion: Streamline your medical scanning with GetScanned services

Choosing to use a private scanning service has numerous advantages that serve today's high-speed and highly demanding patient lifestyle. 

These services have been designed to emphasise speed and efficiency, offering quick access to routine diagnostic scans like MRI, CT, and diagnostic ultrasound.

Private scanning services also adopt sophisticated and technologically enhanced advanced scanning systems. The advanced technology used in private MRI facilities improves both reliability in diagnosis and general patient satisfaction. 

Another attribute of this kind of healthcare is the personalised nature it provides.

In addition, the flexibility provided by private scanning services is perfect for people with hectic schedules and physical limitations.

Choose GetScanned for your private scanning needs. Our service connects you to the nearest MRI, CT or private ultrasound scan centres, ensuring quick, convenient access to cutting-edge diagnostic technology. Experience hassle-free healthcare tailored to your individual needs!

Contact us today to learn more about our service and how it works.


Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about Private MRI scans:

1. What is a private MRI scan?

A private MRI scan is a medical imaging procedure conducted in a private healthcare facility. It allows individuals to obtain detailed images of the internal structures of the body for diagnostic purposes.

2. Why choose a private MRI scan over the NHS?

Private MRI scans often offer shorter waiting times, flexible scheduling, and extended operating hours. Individuals seeking quicker access to diagnostic services may opt for private facilities.

3. How much does a private MRI scan cost?

The cost of a private MRI scan varies based on factors such as the type of scan, the region, and the centre. It's advisable to inquire about private MRI scan pricing comparison with NHS from the chosen clinic.

4. Are private MRI scans covered by insurance?

Some insurance plans may cover the cost of private MRI scans. It is essential to check the insurance coverage for private MRI scans with both the provider and the private clinic to understand the details and any out-of-pocket expenses.

5. How soon can I get an appointment for a private MRI scan?

Private MRI clinics typically offer prompt appointments, often within a few days. The exact availability may vary depending on the clinic's schedule and the urgency of your medical condition.

6. Are the results of a private MRI scan reliable?

Yes, private MRI scans are conducted using state-of-the-art equipment, and the results are interpreted by qualified radiologists. The reliability is comparable to that of scans conducted in NHS facilities.

7. What types of MRI scans are offered privately?

Private clinics usually offer a wide range of MRI scans, including brain, spine, joint, and abdominal scans. Specialised scans with contrast agents may also be available.

8. Can I choose the location for my private MRI scan?

Yes, one of the advantages of private MRI scans is the ability to choose the location that is most convenient for you. Many private clinics have multiple locations to enhance accessibility.